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Election-related info...

I just received the following info from my friend Bev at Palmtree Pottery

Hi Everybody,
The decline in Oshawa, since Ed Broadbent was the member of parliament, is appalling. That's one of the reasons we moved to Port Hope. The Oshawa downtown is a disgrace and will continue to be until a strong voice is elected. Sid Ryan is the ONLY candidate who has a hope of saving those GM jobs. If those jobs are lost you can bet the decline will continue. Things will be even worse. Sid Ryan will fight like a bull dog to save those jobs and even create more jobs. I've seen him in action during my days at CUPE, when I worked at Darlington. I've been friends with him since 1986 and I can tell you Sid is accessible. If you have a problem you can count on him to look into it. If you have a good idea you can bet he'll promote it.
Last time Oshawa elected a candidate who disappeared as soon as the votes were counted. In the past 2 years NOTHING was accomplished. This time please vote and when you do please consider voting for my friend Sid Ryan
Bev Graham
P.S. If Sid Ryan wins we'll consider opening a branch of our "way cool gift store" in downtown Oshawa!
**Please forward this email to your Oshawa friends and family.
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