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Automotive Museum Links!

I am proud to say that here in Oshawa we must have one of the best Automotive Museums in the world! Not that I've really bee n to a heck of a lot of them or anything, but I must say it's definately one of the most impressive collections of antique cars I have ever seen with other interesting surprises hidden in various nooks and crannies too!

A Google search led me to several listings including these....

My dad adored antique cars and I'm sure he would have loved this place if he were still alive to see it now. Even the gift shop is pretty amazing. I especially like those handmade wooden model cars they have for sale there. One of these days I want to go back and take some pictures to post in here, however I STILL haven't figured out how I'm going to "loaderize" the ones I took in Pittsburgh from disc to Photobucket account. If there's anyone who lives in the neighbourhood who could take the time to show me how, I'd be very grateful as I tend to be more of a visual/hands-on kind of learner.
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