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Welcome to Oshawa Community Information and Events, otherwise known as "OshComm" for short. This community is open to anyone who lives in or near the Oshawa/Durham Region area, visits frequently, has friends there, works there, etc.

For those who live in/work in/visit Oshawa and the surrounding area!!!!
Events, attractions, questions and answers and more!

I have been living in Oshawa since my hubby and I got married in July of 2002 and he's lived there all his life. I am a self-empolyed artist who has stuff for sale at the Country Craft Store in Whitby and I've done other shows in the area. I have also been involved with Oshawa Little Theatre and in autumn of 2004, played the part of "Ernestina" in "Hello Dolly". Dave and I go to King Street Pentecostal church where we've been involved in a number of activities over the years including various games nights such as Skip-Bo and Rook, my womens' ministries groups and art class I attend, etc.

Oshawa can be a pretty darned good place with lots to see and do! I've enjoyed the library and taken various courses at Durham college. The Parkwoods Estate, McLaughlin Art Gallery and Automotive museum are always good places to look around. And don't forget, every August there's the big JAZZ FESTIVAL!!!

So if you have an event to promote, such as a yard sale, school reunion, etc. or a business to advertise for free in the area, feel free to post it here.

Besides this one I also moderate several other communities including letsgetwalkin! Oshawa has a terriffic trail for walking to Lakeview Park and I would be delighted to start up a grup of other people who would like to join me walking.

In recent years I also discovered that I have Asperger's Syndrome. I am an active member of Kerry's Place and I am in the process of starting up a support group closer to home for adults with AS.

I also have a few other hopes and dreams for this community up my sleeve, but that's another story....

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